Our Mission

"The Cascadia Environmental Science Center fosters the development of young minds through experiential learning in environmental research"

The Office of Superintendent of Public Education has published information to include standards for environmental education in the state. The standards are specific and it should be noted include a goal to achieve community engagement and collaboration. The website begins with the following:

The focus of the Education for Environment and Sustainability program is to support academic success and life-long learning, and to develop a responsible citizenry capable of applying knowledge of ecological, economic, and socio-cultural systems to meet current and future needs. Program priorities include:

  • Standards and Curriculum Integration
  • Professional Development
  • Research and Policy Development
  • Community Engagement and Collaboration

Environmental education is a mandatory area of study in Washington, required by 392-410-115:Instruction about conservation, natural resources, and the environment shall be provided at all grade levels in an interdisciplinary manner through science, the social studies, the humanities, and other appropriate areas...

To learn more about the state Sustainable Design Project, a collaboration between govt and the public view the following short video: